At Crossway, we seek to connect Seniors to God, his Word and the love of Jesus Christ. We believe that God has called us, as Seniors, to disciple and grow future leaders, and to connect others to the gospel. 

As a church we value to the opportunity to serve our seniors. Our ministries include Super Senior lunches, retirement home Bible studies and visitations.

Every year we offer three Super Senior lunches during the spring, summer and winter seasons. Our Super Senior lunches provide community, fun, sharing, eating, singing, exercising, dancing, praying and gospel growth for everyone. We welcome all seniors over 65 years of age and who are ready for community, fun and the love of God. For more information on our Super Senior lunches click here or contact Stan Date at

We conduct a Bible study in the Nikkei Senior Gardens assisted living community. We meet on every other Thursday at 11:30am for community, sharing, singing, praying and studying books and themes of the Bible. If you would like to more information on our retirement home Bible study contact Morris Nakamura at

The Visitation Ministry acts as the hands and feet of Jesus by encouraging and building up the body of Christ and by sharing the gospel.  Each visitation time includes:

  • Physical Care:  Often in times of suffering or loneliness, healthy eating is set aside.  The simple act of eating together can be a great source of encouragement and care.
  • Emotional/Relational Care:  Spending time to talk and listen, encourage and laugh.  This ministry also brings a gift as a form of encouragement – cards, flowers, Bibles.
  • Spiritual Care:  The ministry always takes the opportunity to pray for the person being visited.  To believers, the ministry encourages them in their faith and to walk with the Lord.  To non-believers, the ministry has a strong passion for making sure that each person hears the gospel.

For more information, email